What an awesome God we serve. I thank God for His faithfulness and His loving kindness. The bible says – believe in the Lord your God; so shall ye be established. believe His prophets; so shall ye prosper.”

On the last day of the 30-day fasting, the 10th December during the service Pastor Clem  released some prophetic words. Pastor also announced the 24-hour miracle. When he mentioned this I couldn’t help thinking to myself that these 24-hour miracles only happen to other people not me. But I remember catching myself and saying to the Lord I wanted a miracle that I could clearly and only ascribe to Him and I would have no hand in it at all. I remember asking for 2 things, one of them was a promotion.

I couldn’t help wondering though how this could happen in the next 24 hours? I had not applied for a position, neither were there any positions being advertised in my organisation, but I know with God nothing is impossible.

On the 11th December a day after we had ended the fast, we had our corporate Christmas party and awards night. Before dinner our UK Director took the floor, after a very long touching speech about a certain person, to my complete surprise my Promotion was announced, it took me a while to realise he had been talking about me. Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!!!  Never before has a promotion been announced in this manner In fact there wasn’t a role so they are having to create one

I left the Christmas party not knowing on the night my promotion was announced my enemy within wanted to spoil my testimony, but the Lord exposed them the next day. I give God ALL the glory who watches over His word.

I bless God for the life of my Pastors and their steadfast commitment in prayers for all of us. Praise the Lord

Sister G E

TCI London