One morning in October, I had gotten up and gone to work like any other day. My spirit was telling me something wasn’t quite right this day, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was so, but I continued with my work as usual. It wasn’t until the early afternoon that I discovered why I couldn’t quite shake that feeling I had in my spirit.

An armed robber had entered my place of work and began to threaten to shoot me if I didn’t allow him to take the money that he came for. At that moment I just said to myself, “God, this money is not worth more than my life. Let him take this money and go without any further issue.”

We thank God that that is exactly how it went. After he left I called security and the police eventually arrived and began investigating the incident. The company also began an internal investigation as to what allowed for this incident to take place, and I was actually placed on suspension. This is because they believed I may have been involved.

During my time on suspension, I asked God to grant them the wisdom to understand that I could never be involved in such, both as a Christian but also as a man who has worked his whole life to stay away from the kind of life a robbery would make me a part of.

After a month of investigations, my prayer was answered and my name was fully cleared and I was exonerated. I just want to thank God, because although the enemy tried as hard as they could to destroy me, my God showed them that He is greater than anything they could try and attack me with.

Praise the Lord! After this, God continued to show me his favour, as I graduated earlier this month with a Merit in my Masters degree! All praise to God!

Brother C E

TCI London