Vision and Mission

Our Mission and Mandate

At Wisdom for Women International, We are committed to raising and supporting women to achieve their full potential in Christ Jesus. We aim to see complete restoration and transformation in the lives of women from every Nation, tongue, tribe, race and culture through our conferences, projects, events, programmes, media and messages

At Wisdom for Women International we are passionate about seeing women reach their full potentials in Christ. We are passionate about giving women mentoring, coaching and support with spiritual matters as well as the secular:



We aim to:

1. Teach women the principles for Godly living through our CITY WISDOM FOR WOMEN CONFERENCES

2. To Raise Women of Prayer through our WISE WOMEN PRAY CAMPAIGNS AND CONFERENCES

3. Pursue the running of mentoring, coaching and support projects in Our Objects

4. Empower, support, encourage, coach, inspire, uplift and educate women and their families to live economically and socially examplary lives

5. Reach out to women of all races, culture and creed

6. Equip women with practical ministry training for the 21st Century through the power of prayer and hosting Christian conferences.

7. Equip women for successful marriages and positive parenting.

8. Give women platforms to exercise their gifts & talents and training women in personal development & effectiveness including the holding of “WISE WOMEN AWARDS” & simple things such as the running of fitness classes.

9. Train women to be successful entrepreneurs and training women to successfully climb the corporate ladder through the provision effectiveness and developmental forums and the provision of the WISE WOMEN AWARDS NETWORKING FORUM.

10. Continue to provide support to women working in red light districts as we currently do in Holland annually.

11. Build upon the life skills of women and their families through accredited, certified and/or informal training programmes.

12. Improve the conditions of life for women and their families by acting as a support group and passing on information that would benefit them from time to time as determined by the Directors.

13. Promote the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of families through the provision of family and parenting classes