istock_000005958828xsmallWelcome to the World of Wisdom of Women

Pastor Marjorie O Esomowei founded this dynamic cutting edge ministry to women in 2001 through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

At Wisdom For Women International we see a One Stop Shop for today’s Christian Woman.

The Ministry Started in 2001 when Pastor Clem Esomowei prayed for Pastor Marjorie with a vision to reach and minister to women of all brackets, race, nationalities and creed and empower them with Godly and practical wisdom and skills to enable them reach their God given potentials in Christ Jesus

Wisdom for Women International, now an Interdenominational Women ministry started out as the women ministry arm of Triumphant Church International (TCI) but today stretches it’s influence and outreaches outside TCI by working with women across various denominations and Churches as well as serving the women of Triumphant Church International in all the branches.