I just want to say that God has done so much for me, I just can not tell it all and to take this opportunity to thank God for all He has done for me throughout the year, thank Papa and Mama for their prayers and support and also use this opportunity to encourage somebody tonight

Last year December 31, I testified how Papa prayed for me about a new job. What I did not say was that it was a contract. So I took a carreer break from my previous job to take the contract. Then in September  my previous employer could not maintain the NHS policy that that they signed so they paid off all their NHS staff.

I took the benefits I was paid for which I am so much grateful to God because the money came in handy but that left me with no backup job. My contract ended 9th October 2019 without any hope of it being renewed. But from the word go, I used Papa’s book the Divine decrees,  the employment section of it and I prayed it everyday.

After a while, my manager called me and told me to apply for a vacancy in another site of the Trust and that it is an in house application. I did apply and was offered interview, passed and got a full-time position with the same Trust November ending. I just want to say that through it all I learned to trust God.

For it is written in PROVERBS 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own undestanding.”

This year by God’s grace I have recovered most and still recovering in Jesus’s mighty name. Sometimes the Lord just wants to see how much we trust in Him to provide all our needs.

Praise the Lord somebody, God always cares for us so much, everything will happen in HIS time if we continue to praise Him and lean on Him alone.

Amen. I thank God for the encouragement of my ushering department and the prayers and support of Mama and Papa

Mrs G Y

TCI London