I want to thank the Lord for sending his son Jesus Christ for our sake. I thank God for looking after me since birth.

I thank the Lord for his goodness over my life and that of my family. He has kept me alive to date and has kept me in sound health. Regardless of the failings of this mortal body due to age from time to time, when I call on his name he answers my every call. There has been no issue I have raised with the doctors that the Lord has not taken care of.

He continues to keep me strong day by day. I know that for those things that remain, I am rest assured he will heal also in Jesus name. I thank him for being my source of strength at all times.

I thank God for my children and my grandchildren, and my extended family for his care over them and their endeavours.

I will continue to worship and praise you all the length of my days in Jesus mighty name, all Glory be to God Hallelujah!


TCI Chatham Kent