Reflective and thankful. Many times, I have wondered and given deep thought about the diversity of my life and minstry. I am so deeply thankful and grateful about it. Never taken it lightly.

It’s my coat of many colours.

As I thought about this coat of many colours again this first day of January 2016 as the Lord again begins to add to the diversity and variety of my vision, God reminds me of a woman whom I knew and loved for many years. The greatest woman I have ever known. A woman whom I saw fast and pray every Wednesday and Friday from when I was five years old until she went to meet her maker in her old age. The woman whom I saw fast forty days every year in the lenten period . My mother, Comfort Kemmer. A great woman. She is part of the cloud of witnesses.

I was reminded today that Dolly Patons mother made Dollys coat of many colours on a sewing machine with tears and prayers, this woman, my mother, Comfort Kemmer, made my coat of many colours on her knees with tears, prayers , supplication and intercessions.

This coat of many colours like Joseph’s has attracted many battles but God has been my refuge in every battle. Even in the very fierce battles God has been my refuge.

I will continue to wear the coat of many colours my mama made for me by the pattern given by my Heavenly Father. He is still adding new colours to this coat of many colours every year.

Many of you reading this have your coats of many colours and perhaps, the battles for your coat have wearied you.

I encourage you do not hide your coat of many colours that your Heavenly Father made you.

Don’t wear with pride, as that was Joseph’s problem.

In 2016 lets wear our coat of many colours not with pride but with humility accrediting all glory to this tailor of tailors , our Heavenly Father the maker of coats with many colours.

God bless you for reading.

Pastor Marjorie Esomowei