We bless God for another Wisdom for Women Conference in Den Haag Holland. This  year we left London  with a team of 13 ladies and one brother from Triumphant Church London who arrived in Holland on Friday morning ready for a weekend  of victory and intense spiritual work in Holland.  The staff of Mecure hotel in Den Haag Central where we lodged and the venue for the Wisdom for Women conference were at our service again this year. All halls ready and set for us to CATCH THE FIRE!!!


Friday night was awesome with high powered Praise and worship although the attendance was not very encouraging. In Pastor Marjorie’s words “God has given us the go ahead for next year 2011 so we are not moved by the discouraging attendance this Friday night”.  Our speakers for the night Pastors Ene Secondus and Betty King broke the atmosphere with such powerful words and prophetic declarations into the atmosphere and into the lives of the attendees. The powers of Holland were again held under captivity of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Saturday Morning School of Ministry and School of Business sessions were powerful with Pastor Marjorie and our guest ministers emphasising that everyone should enter into their call, recognising the leadership virtues deep within each and every one of us. Every woman who attended these sessions were all empowered to go to their next dimension in God.


At three O clock on Saturday afternoon, two teams of 15 people each AFTER CATCHING THE FIRE!!! were sent forth into the two red light districts of Den Haag armed with the blood of Jesus Christ, the word, prayer, the anointing and faith in God. Our teams went fired up with the gospel of peace shod on our feet. Being our third year of outreach into the red light districts, we were expecting a new move of God’s Spirit. In previous years we have had police confrontation but this year thank God for your prayers, there was no police confrontation. The atmosphere was clear and the hearts open for the gospel. Team members in the power of the Holy Spirit boldly entered the cubicles in the red light districts and prayed for those women laying hands on them and leading them to Christ. One woman closed her cubicle and joined the evening service on Saturday night. It truly is for freedom that Jesus came!!!!  We must not forget to mention that the reason we go into the red light districts is because of the prophetic dream I had whilst sleeping on my couch one afternoon. I entered a dark tunnel and brought out many ladies who came out singing powerfully and clapping their hands in joy. This was their song “ Honour Him Honour Him You have to Honour Him He came to save the prostitutes” These ladies said Pastor Marjorie “You only brought out a few of us but there is loads more inside the tunnel” It is based on this conviction that we can dare enter that region. Wisdom for Women has a mandate to reach these women with the love of Jesus

It is remarkable to note that joining our team from Holland was a brother who used to be a male prostitute and who was responsible for planting voodoo and juju on the streets in the red light district. His voodoo was made to mesmerise the men and make them return again and again to that sight. The devil is a liar. Now saved and flourishing in his church, he joined our team and exposed the enemy and their tactics as that was his former terrain. The team returned testifying about great things the Lord did through them. We went to the regions of darkness and came out with testimonies.


The Saturday night we joked that God had personally sent out texts of reminders for people to attend the meeting and the hall was packed full to the brim. We had a Holy Ghost service to the glory of God with Pastor Marjorie rounding up the service charging all the women  with the message “After the Fire What Next?” Everyone was charged to find their assignment and take the fire there.


For the third year running, Wisdom for Women has organised the Wise Women award to encourage ordinary women in Holland who are doing little things to touch their community and their Churches. Our award winner this year was Pastor Gale who was nominated for her work with youths and young adults in the community. Gale will be joining us next year in London in April at the London Wise Women awards to collect her plaque.


What can we say but to praise the Lord for a glorious time in God’s Holy presence in Holland. Please agree with us in Prayers that next year the power of God will be much more tangible than this year. Thank you all for your prayer, financial and moral support. A very big thank you to all the team from London that went with us to Holland and also our Holland team led by Sister Rosemond who have persistently stood with this vision. A very big thank you to our guest ministers Pastors Ene Secondus and Betty King and all the supporting Churches and Ministries in Holland. Your support and prayers mean a lot to us. Please continue to remember Wisdom for Women in your prayers and pray especially for 2011 outreach to Holland in October 2011. God bless you.

Yours in God Glorious Destiny,

Pastor Marjorie Esomowei
President Wisdom for Women International
Co Pastor Triumphant Church International