Immigration Blessing After Many Years

I testify of the goodness of the Lord. After ten years of trusting God for my papers of stay, I began to get weary. Pastors Clem and Marjorie prayed with me and insisted that I must not compromise in the process of getting my papers of stay. I turned myself into Home office one fateful day as my pastors had insisted I must not get into any compromise of arranged marriage etc but to keep myself clean for God to work for me. Upon my turning myself in to the Home office I was detained to be sent back to my home country. I was detained for about two months. My application was sent whilst I was there but it was turned down. But Pastors kept calling me with my group leader to pray persistently. I appealed the judgement and glory be to Jesus within five months of me turning myself in to Home office, I was given my papers of stay to live freely in the United Kingdom

Triumphant Church International London