Back to Life

I want to give God almighty the glory for what He did for me and my family on the 8th of December, 2014. It all started on the 7th of December, 2014 around 5.00am when my pregnant wife was having a serious contractions and we proceeded to North Middlesex hospital where my wife was registered. On getting there my wife was admitted and later transferred to the delivery suite.

After 22 hours of serious labour, the doctors decided to take my wife to the theatre for two options:

1) instrumental delivery or
2) CS

The doctors later decided to go for CS because the first option was not safe after they examined her.

They now gave her Anastasia injection but after the injection she told me that she was feeling dizzy which I immediately notified the doctors but they assured me not to worry that the dizziness was a reaction from the injection.

Few minutes later, they opened my wife she just passed out and stop breathing, during this process, I was relocated from the theatre room to another place. My wife has had a cardiac arrest.

I immediately called my senior Pastors: Pastors Clem and Marjorie but I was so shattered and couldn’t explain what was really happening and all I could say to Pastor Marjorie was ” pastor pray for my wife she is dying”.

Pastor Marjorie was praying with me over the phone and assured me to calm down “that your wife will not die. In Triumphant Church International, we have a covenant of long life with God”

After 2 hours God revived my wife and my child back to life and my wife was discharged 4 days later and my child was also discharged healthy after 10 days from Homerton hospital where he was transferred to after the incident.

I now give God of miracles all the praise, adoration and glory for not allowing me to weep over my wife and my child.

Brother and Sister Adamu
TCI London