Marjorie Esomowei

Marjorie Esomowei is a dynamic and transformational leader raised to help lead people to their full potential.

She believes that you have to meet people where they are in their life’s journey. It is by this approach that Marjorie Esomowei has been able to influence and support thousands of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, nationalities, and creeds.

She is increasingly visible in shaping women’s leadership and solving tough global challenges.

In this new chapter, Marjorie’s mission is to share of her wealth of over 35 years of top level leadership experience through her Mentorships programs, Leadership Programmes and Speaking opportunities on global platforms.

She is the founder of the ILead, IChange and IInfluence mandate, Wise Women Awards and Wisdom For Women International.

She is a recipient of several awards and recently recognised as one of twenty most influential black Christian Women in Britain.