Testimony of Marie Makaya Phagan

P2-a43feDear Pastor Marjorie,

I would like to share with you what God has done in my life right after the WOD Camp meeting in March 2009.

On 24th  February 2009, I had to do a hysterography (radiography of the uterus). The results were not that good, the right fallopian tube was blocked and the other one had a strange shape. The gynaecologist suggested to go through more intense exams (called laparoscopy) to know what was the cause of all this. She also mentioned that this exam could become a surgery if need be, but because of the nature of the exam, a general anaesthesia was necessary.

She scheduled the laparoscopy for March 31st.

Between February 24th and the actual date of the surgery, my husband and I were praying for God to correct whatever was wrong in my womb. I commanded every organ to function and accomplish God’s purpose. We were believing and thanking God even though it wasn’t easy every day, but we set the atmosphere for God’s intervention.

On the first night of the camp meeting, Pastor Marjorie said that God wanted to open some women’s womb, so I went for prayer and the praise team was singing the song “Be magnified, you are highly exalted, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO, OH LORD MY EYES ARE ON YOU, be magnified, oh Lord, be magnified”. As Pastor Marjorie was praying for me, I was singing this song and in my spirit, I was picturing God’s hand fixing the problem.

I was admitted in the hospital on March 30th in the evening right after the camp meeting. My husband prayed for me the morning of the surgery, he released God’s power in the operating theatre.

The operation started at 7.45 am and around 11.00 am I was back in my room. In the afternoon, the gynaecologist called my husband and she told him “Your wife has perfect Fallopian Tubes, Everything is perfect”.

This was 2 days after the camp meeting.

Now, I know God personally as my Healer. No one could have given my Fallopian tubes a perfect shape but HIM. Everything He does, He does it well. When He healed my Fallopian tubes He did it well, the doctors had no choice but to confess it.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude. The devil wanted to distort God’s plan for us to be fruitful and have children, but once again God has shown Himself strong.

During the camp meeting, we were taught how to travail in prayer for our breakthrough, I believed that was just the beginning, God was not finished with us yet.

In May 2009, I found out that I was pregnant, the pregnancy wasn’t an easy road, but today my baby girl is 6 and she has a little brother who will be 2 in February.

Once again, Pastor Marjorie thank you for being an instrument God used to bring us into our God given destiny.

I also want to thank my husband and all those who believed that God was still able to do it.

I cannot testify of his greatness without giving HIM all the glory and praise. Lord thank you for perfecting everything that concerns me and my family.

May God Bless you.

A Sister of Destiny Marie Makaya Phagan