Saved from the Armed Robbers

Pastor Marjorie called us on this fateful Monday in February 2013. She had received a vision that morning that we needed divine protection in the compound from robbers. She instructed that I call my family and tenants and workers who live in my premises to start prayers every night from that Monday until she feels a release for us to stop. In obedience to the woman of God, we started prayers immediately that night.

My family prayed on Monday night and Tuesday night with as many tenants as could attend.

Lo and behold that Tuesday night about 1:30am robbers entered our premises. I have a habit of not carrying cash around. When they robbed some of my tenants and now entered my part of the compound, they requested for sums of money which I didn’t have.

In anger I was stabbed in my stomach. With the blood gushing out, my Lord kept me alive and gave me strength from above to drive myself to the nearest hospital by myself. There, after much efforts by the doctors I was stitched. By morning when the scanning was done and my Pastors Clem and Marjorie insisted it needed to be scanned twice in two different hospitals, to the amazement of the two hospitals, we were told that the stab wound was only superficial ( surface wound ). In the words of one of the doctors, “you are the luckiest man I have met on earth.” This is not luck but Gods divine intervention to me and my family.

Within one week, I was back to Church and to work. May the name of The Lord be praised

Deacon and Pastor Mrs Emeribe
Triumphant Church International, Port Harcourt