Immigration Papers Granted

I want to thank God for His faithfulness towards me and my family. I would also like to say a big thank you to our senior pastor, Pastor Clem and Pastor Marj Esomowei including all the members of Triumphant Church International for their prayers.

I applied for leave to remain in the UK in 2013 and after 1 year the application was refused. I was not only refused but threatened removal of myself from my household and family. I called the Pastor Clem in desperation and he prayed not only in the church but also visited my house with words of encouragement. After Pastor had left me and my family with his blessing, I turned to the Devine Decrees Prayer Declaration For Present Day Issues book and turned to page 124 (Successful Immigration Application. The book gave me the necessary guidelines and information to include in my application for the second time when I applied. However, it was turned down for the second time but I put my trust in God as always to make a breakthrough.

During our prayer and fasting period in 2015, Pastor prayed and anointed me. After, the first week of the prayer and fasting, God did it; I was granted leave to remain in the UK.

Brother Alex