I Waited for Her for 15 Years

My name is Grace and I live in Bristol England.

After 14 Years of trying to conceive and being unsuccessful ,I finally learned that I was pregnant and shortly after in excitement about the news I went for an early scan but only to be told that they could see nothing in my womb, I was frustrated , confused and annoyed and went for more scans and they could not see any signs of the baby although results showed them I was pregnant .

I was therefore admitted in hospital for further investigation and they finally decided to operate on me to remove any foetus growing in the wrong part of my body.

They took out blood from me 3 to four times a day. I was weak, was helpless , hopeless and disappointed but After having a bit of my human moment where I questioned God, on “why why why , I have been faithful in serving you. Why are you letting this happen to me all I wanted was a child and I have wanted it so badly for the last 14 now you have taken it away”.

That weekend was the weekend for the Wisdom for Women residential prayer retreat camp. Me and my friend were looking forward to attending this meeting but by the looks of things it was not going to be possible as I was still in hospital .As I lay down on the hospital bed, I had an urge in my spirit to go to the winter prayer camp. But how can that be?? the doctors would not discharge me but then this scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5: 18 reminded me that I should give thanks in all things as it is the will of God concerning my life.

I called my husband and told him that I will be going to the conference on Friday and he asked me how I was going to get there when I am not allowed out of hospital and secondly I was too weak to drive. I told my husband I didn’t know how I would get there but there was an urgency for me to be there. By the morning I had made up my mind that I will be going to the conference and nobody and nothing was going to stop me. I asked to speak to the doctor and requested if I could have a weekend off and the doctors agreed to let me on condition that if they needed me they could ask me to come back straight away.

I was discharged at around 12 noon and told my friend Monica to get ready as we were going to the prayer conference. Monica was a bit hesitant as she knew what I was going through, but I told her don’t worry God will be with us . I had bandages all over my hand from where they have been making bloods. I got in my car and drove from Bristol to Milton Keynes. My body was extremely weak but my spirit was strong.

At the prayer retreat the spirit of God was awesome, it was my first experience to be in the presence of the Holy Ghost. I was dancing screaming and rolling and I was filled with so much Joy. I had a great encounter with God and I felt that something changed for good in my life, I felt as if chains were broken. All I could remember is Pastor Marjorie requesting us to dance to the song “” shake yourself loose” by Vicki Winan. I danced to that song and felt something loose. Driving back to Bristol I told myself I CANNOT ATTEND A WINTER PRAYER CAMP AND MY LIFE REMAINS THE SAME .On getting back to Bristol the Doctors had called and even given a bad report , the chances for me to conceive naturally was slim and recommended that I try IVF treatment and because of my age (39) I only had 1 chance on NHS. Nothing was going to steal the joy I received at the winter prayer camp.

I was booked in for an IVF appointment on the 1 April 2012 BUT on the 27 of March 3 days prior to my IVF appointment I discovered that I was pregnant again. I called the IVF department and requested them to cancel my appointment , they were reluctant and told me if I cancel this appointment it would be hard for me to get another appointment but I insisted they cancel it by faith. I went for scan and they confirmed that I had a healthy pregnancy but they could not understand how this happened.

In November 17th same year I was blessed with the most precious baby girl , the perfect gift that I had always wanted. We named her “MIREILLE “ meaning miracle because she is my greatest miracle in my life. I waited for 15 YEARS for her. Her coming is a miracle ….

Happiest mother Grace