God Saved My Medical Practice

I want to thank The Lord for making me see this day. I acknowledge His Almighty power, favour and love in making me see this day to give this testimony.

In December 2010, while at work I saw a patient briefly whilst in the reception clinic then briefly again had another contact with her case while I was working as a locum.

Unfortunately, she passed away. This led to a Coroner’s inquest, this is a legal inquiry done when someone dies unexpectedly. As a result of the outcome of the inquest I was advised to self refer myself to our medical doctors regulating body, GMC.

The GMC started an investigation into my practise in November 2013 and one thing led to another.

The enemy saw this as an opportunity to attack me. In April 2014, a case examiner report into my practise suggested I be suspended or struck off from practising whilst the investigation went on.

But thanks be to God for the set man in the house, Pastor Clem and Pastor Marjorie, also all the members of the Children department and friends.

Pastor Clem by the unction of the Holy Spirit advised we fast for 3 days during which he prayed with us daily. As a result of the prayer and prophetic declarations from the Word, I went to a fitness to practise tribunal in May 2014 and they only gave me one condition to which my lawyer commented “this is the lightest condition I have ever seen in my experience”.

satan wasn’t happy with this and used my insurers to remove my indemnity cover and as a result I was not able to practise for 3 months. During these 3 months God was faithful and we paid our bills and still kept serving The Lord. We had many challenges as a family during this period but we kept on fellowshipping, reading the Word and believing God we were able to triumph.

God gave me 2 scriptures that I held on to, Isaiah 43: 1-4 and Psalm 91: 14 – 15.

Finally, on the 4th December 2014, during the Triumphant Church International World wide 30 days fasting and prayers, the GMC cleared me of all charges and dropped the case. The condition from my registration was also removed.

I want to use this opportunity to thank God, Pastors Clem and Marjorie, my wife and members of the Children Department.

Dr and Mrs O
Triumphant Church London