God is Able

All I can say is to thank God who never fails. I thank God for all my friends and family who stood with me and encouraged me in the time of my waiting. I thank God for Pastor Marjorie  and all the women of God whom you have been inviting to the prayer camp, you stood with me and you encouraged me and you made my burden to feel lighter with your encouragement.
In 2012 , my first time at the prayer retreat, When all hope was about to be drained from me, Pastor Marjorie called me out and shared the dream God had shown her,that she saw me carry a pregnancy to full term, contrary to doctors report.
In 2014 and 2015 January, the gynecologist requested that I come for tests precisely on the Fridays of Wisdom for Women prayer retreat camp for them to check some unusual cells they suspected in my body. The doctor’s verdict was for me to have a hysterectomy. I rescheduled the appointments with the gynecologists each time. Iwas not going to miss the prayer retreat camp.
I continued to stand on the word of God and on the vision Pastor Marjorie had received from the Lord. I would carry a pregnancy to full term. On one of the years, I actually brought my baby slippers to Pastor Marjorie, declaring that my baby would wear those shoes.
Every time I attended the winter camp, at the end I felt closer to my miracle. I would often attend with a group of friends and we all continued to stand.
In March 2015, I travelled to attend the Wisdom for Women conference in Tamworth and there Pastor Marjorie preached on Luke 1: 26 titled “ I am pregnant , handle with care” She declared say it like you mean it. I did. I said it and I meant what I said. I took like it was physical pregnancy. To the glory of the Lord, by the end of that month, I became pregnant to the glory of Almighty God, The God who can never lie.The great I am that I am, I got pregnant and carried my pregnancy for full term despite having had suffered miscarriages 4 times in the past. 
This time the 5th time that I conceived, my time of Grace, I carried my baby till full term. I knew the grace of the Lord was sufficient. As soon as I realized I was pregnant I gave my baby a name because I heard Pst Marjorie had preached about naming your miracle. My daughter was born full term and I have give all the glory, all the honor and all the adoration to Jehovah God my omniscient God.   She is called Nizagrace, Grace has come.
Thank God for Wisdom for Women
Sister More Blessing