After Eight Years of Waiting

My name is Ochuko. I got married in 2007 and since then I have being trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Initially, doctors said fibroids were the reason I was unable to conceive and the fibroids were taken out but still no pregnancy. Further tests were carried out and at the end the doctors put it down to unexplained infertility.

Just before the 2015 Wisdom for Women winter prayer camp meeting, which I have attend for the last couple of years, I had an operation and was deliberating if to attend the meeting or not. My husband was’t keen either as he was of the opinion that I wasn’t well enough and still had stitches from the operation. After I had a conversation with Pastor Marjorie, I decided to attend despite my not being physically strong.

At the meeting, a lady gave her testimony on how she had come straight from hospital to the camp meeting after she lost a pregnancy and doctors had told her that she would never be able to have a child. She shared with us how she cried out to God asking him to prove himself and a few months later she fell pregnant. It was like that testimony was for me because there I was with stitches and replaying all the negative report I had received from doctors. Immediately I fell on my face, cried out to God saying if God could turn that lady’s story around he could do same for me. I also asked God to prove Himself before my 40th birthday which was in March.

The day of my 40th came and even though the enemy tried to convince me that I had nothing to celebrate, I woke up that morning thanking God for life and saying that God’s name would not change for my sake.

About a week and half later I found out that I was almost 8 weeks pregnant and on the 18th November 2015, our son was born after 8 years of waiting.

We indeed serve a powerful and awesome God.

God’s blessings.