Friday the 27th May 2011 I was diagnosed as having breast cancer not only that but that; the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in my arm. I was very shocked by this diagnoses mainly because I had been diagnosed with cancer back in August 2008 and May 2009 thought this would not happen a third time to me. This time I believe I was in a state of disbelief wandering and asking why was God allowing me to go through this a third time?

I decided that I would not fall to pieces but I would stand on God’s words and wait for what he had to say in this matter. That evening I went to church Pastor Marj was holding a women’s conference on discover, recover and accelerate. I listened to what Pastor had to say and tried to apply it to my own life I certainly wanted to recover that which had been lost.

I was told I needed to have an MRI scan to get a clearer picture of what was happening in my body to my horror that scan revealed more tumours that was not detected on the CT scan this scan revealed tumours in the right breast and right armpit, the chest, neck and left armpit. Initially I was told my only option was to have a mastectomy but I said no. I was referred to the oncologist who said I needed to start chemo straight away I said no then I changed my mind and started chemo on the 8th July.

I went through many different emotions during that time I had many fears and doubts mainly would I be around to watch my daughter grow up I wandered if I was being punished for something I had done. Constantly asking God why had he forsaken me? Eventually I did calm down again and I said what was meant for evil God will turn around for my good.

I received a lot of support and encouragement from my family and close friends Pastor Clem and Pastor Marj would often visit me and pray with me at home and over the phone and send me text messages of support. Mrs Berkley would also attend many hospital appointments with me.

I can remember feeling low three weeks after the diagnoses I said to God I am not going to pray to you anymore you are not listening to me. The next morning I decided to read a book to relax my mind and that very day I received a card from Pastor Clem and Pastor Marj and that point I knew God was listening to me I decided I would continue to pray.

After the first chemo I reported to the consultant that the breast lump was now softer, on the second chemo it started shrinking after the third chemo I had a scan to confirm that the tumour was shrinking by the fourth chemo I could not feel the tumour a CT scan revealed the lump had vanished I was advised to still have the last two treatments so I did. After the sixth chemo I had another scan which confirmed the lump had not returned the consultant said she had to be certain so she booked another MRI scan in November which confirmed there were no visible tumours showing in my body all they could see was the coil they inserted in the breast tumour which they intended moving via surgery. Even though the scan showed nothing the consultant said she believed the cancer may be in the breast tissue but not visible to the eye so she wanted to do surgery to remove breast tissue and lymph nodes to test in the lab I agreed.

On the 12th Dec I had a 4 hour surgery spent two days in hospital, came back to the hospital on the 22 Dec for the result and was told by the consultant that the pathologist spent many hours examining the tissue and lymph nodes removed during my surgery and could not find any trace of cancer.

Praise the Lord Almighty. To God alone be all the glory

Sister N (TCI London)