Praise God for His glorious healing. My wife was having abdominal pain all through September 2011 and went to her GP.

She was send for abdominal scanning which we went for the report on the 27th of the same September. According to the GP,it was suspected cancer then sent us to North Middle sex hospital for confirmation.

We reported the case to God.

In the absence of senior pastor we approached pastor Marjorie  who immediately placed us on 30 days mid night prayer though we added fasting to it. She told us within a month we would see Gods manifested power.

Pastor Marjorie would call us at two am daily to pray as Pastors Clem and  Marjorie were also doing the daily midnight warfare for us.

On 13th October we went for the blood test and scan.On the 18th we went for the report,the Gynaecologist (consultant,)and his team, Radiologist and Nurses were still confused so were unable to come to conclusion of the diagnoses but rather booked for appointment on the 26th the same report was given.

Operation(Laparascopy) was booked on the 2nd of November, which was done,there it was diagnosed as a cyst,same was removed and treated.

We use this ample opportunity to thank GOD Almighty for His divine intervention. His glorious power turned around cancer to a cyst. To God be all the glory and honour,  loving kindness and divine healing.

Praise God.

Mr and Mrs I.