I have been in England for years and I have never been in trouble. It was my need to feed and clothe myself without having to live off people that led me to this. It came up one day that I made a serious mistake in my place of work (working without the relevant papers of stay) As a result of the mistake, on the 16th of December 2009, I was arrested by my employer when they verified my papers and detained me in police cell for about seven hours. Meanwhile, during this period, the Police came in a troop to search my house in other to find out if there were more convictions to ignite the case. But God covered me like a shield (they broke my locker but found nothing incriminating). The next day I came to the office to meet Pastors Clem and Marjorie and asked God for forgiveness because I pleaded guilty.

While I was still seeking counsel and prayers from my Pastors, Satan still came with his own counsellors telling me to escape from the country, escape from your problems. ESCAPE! ESCAPE! Yes, escape from all because there is no solution. Our Pastors prayed with me and referred me to a Solicitor, assuring me of God s divine intervention on the matter. During this period, I lost my employment; I lost my father back home in Africa, the agony of his death brought unfortunate condition to my mother and my Landlord increased my rent here in London . My solicitors and barrister said there is no way they could let me go without taking me through their normal process and the only thing we could do was to pray and plead for mitigation. The case was taken to the Magistrates court after I was given an unconditional bail. Later I was given series of charges. God delivered me from all the accusations. I know its only God, the creator of all that could give me this mighty deliverance. The righteous cry and the Lord hears them and delivers them out of all their troubles (Ps. 34 vs 17). I started praying and I prompted every praying person I know to intercede for me because I know the power of intercession. On the 5th of January 2010, from the magistrate court, the case was taken to the crown court for preliminary hearing on the 12th of January 2010. It is pertinent to know that only one out of a thousand can come out of that court with the same charges without being deported after serving one year in prison. On the 12th of January 2010, I appeared before the crown court for the preliminary hearing.

Meanwhile before I left for court that day I came to the church for prayer agreement spiritual father Pastor Clem. I was already served by a police officer with a notice as regards liability to deportation in section 6(2) of the immigration act 1971. In fact I was facing the red sea. It came to pass that as the 1st judge was reading the letter, Gods  favour came upon me. Before the 2nd judge was going through the letter and asking questions why I should not go to prison and be taken back to Africa , God of justice and mercy intervened. That is why the confession of the thief on the cross paved a way for his eternity. I was given a suspended sentence, told to go for community service under the national probation service by the ministry of justice instead of going from prison to Africa .

What a mighty God we serve! The heart of the king is controlled by him. Praise God

Brother A U H