With great sense of gratitude and appreciation to the glory of the Lord, and honour to his name for his anointing upon your lives I write this letter to you Sir and Ma. Because through my troubles the Lord has used you mightily to minister to me and through your ministrations, I have experienced and enjoyed God’s peace in my life especially my marriage. On Friday the 30th I wanted to socialise because I was really down, confused and depressed, I was on the brink of throwing away my almost 20years of marriage. I had heard about WISDOM FOR WOMEN Conference on radio, I decided that since my kids are going to Church with their Aunty for a youth programme I might as well go to join Pastor Marj. She is my media friend and aunty as I listen to Wisdom for Women on TV but I have never been to Triumphant Church. I came and the Lord met with me. He spoke to my situation, He delivered and broke the yoke of destruction on me! God delivered me. It was indeed a divine appointment. The Lord helped me and met with me. HALLELUYAH AMEN. On my return home last night I have replaced to their space on my wall my wedding picture and pictures of both of my husband and I. Some normality is developing. I have peace because I slept well last night and I am going to start wearing my wedding rings again from today. I am happy to inform you that I have decided to WAIT PATIENTLY IN THE WAITING ROOM WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE in Jesus name.

With much appreciation and fondness,
Sister M


Dear Pastor Marjorie,

I was at the 2008 Wisdom for Women Den Haag Conference. Already I have a testimony!  I desired to travel for my birthday in Feb and told my girl-friend here to look for a ticket.  Spain was one of the locations! I was texted today by another friend (who knew nothing of my desire to travel) asking me to travel with her to Malaga Spain, all expenses  paid in a 5 star hotel!  God is good!

Thank you for your greetings.  Extend our warm wishes to Pastor Clem.

All is well here.

God bless,



Dear Wisdom for Women,

I registered last year for the wisdom for women power meeting in Mecure Hotel in Den Haag. Please pardon my English

Thanks for the power meeting in 2009 LET THE FIRE FALL!!! THe fire is fallen I feel strong i feel the power off the LOrd and i enjoy the work He is doing through me. He go for me and prepair the way, i see it happening all the time! God is good God is the source of my live and for all my brothers and sisters, I praise Him there is no one like HIM!!!
I look forward to the next program.

Pastor Marjorie You are a power woman in the Lord, I learn so much that meeting!Thanks thanks thanks, to the Almighty God because His holy Spirit was and is there. May the good Lord bless you and your team, and all the progams abundantly.

God bless you all. Many greetings,

Den Haag


I had been having terrible pain on the right side of my stomach and made an appointment to see my doctor. The appointment was scheduled for the evening of 28th of November and so I was just expecting to receive the routine check-up and given some medication. On being examined the doctor informed me that the problem was my appendicitis and referred me to the surgeon so as to conduct the operation.

I was very troubled at hearing this, to be told that I had to go for surgery was something I had not contemplated! I got home, packed my suitcase for the hospital with a very heavy heart, I was troubled that I had not committed the surgery to God and then all of a sudden decided to come to the all night prayers instead of going straight to the hospital.

On getting to church, I realised that most of the songs the choir was singing was on healing, and when Pastor Marj prayed her emphasis was on healing and to crown it all Pastor Clem prayed for people’s individual needs and I told him about the surgery scheduled the next day for me. He prayed for me and in that instance I knew i had been divinely healed. I went to the Hospital the next morning; the surgeon examined me, called his manager who did a further examination and discharged me after just giving me medication. Praise the Lord, God is truly a healer.



Dear Triumphant Church International,

This testimony is overdue, but it is better late than never.

I was made redundant last year November and I believed that God would provide me with another job very quickly. This did not happen and I was at home for 51/2 months before I got a job.

The week before Pastor Cindy Trimm came on her first visit to your church in April last year, my husband and I fasted about my job situation. By the time our fasting period was over, I knew God was going to do something as I felt a breakthrough during my prayer sessions. I attended your women’s conference which was awesome. Pastor Cindy’s
preaching and annointing on that Sunday was the icing on the cake. I received my job by faith because I knew God had done it. By the end of the that week, I was offered a job.

I give God the glory for His goodness and I thank God for the lives of Pastors Clem and Marjorie and all at Triumphant Church International.

God bless you all abundantly in Jesus name. Amen

Sister M